20.08. – 25.08.24

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Welcome to the world of kite-surfing!

Experience the sheer joy and adrenaline of the Defender GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Sylt, where athletes, spectators, and nature unite in a thrilling celebration of skill and passion. Explore the vibrant 450-meter promenade with its partner stands, offering everything from kite-surfing gear to delectable catering and drinks. This unique event on the GKA World Cup Tour showcases the extraordinary talent of kite-surfers from around the globe against the picturesque backdrop of Sylt's untamed beauty.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of inspiring athleticism, joyful camaraderie, and boundless adventure.
All the latest information regarding the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour can be found on the official
GKA website.
'Kite-Surf' is a combined wave and strapless freestyle discipline that aims to find the most complete surfboard rider.


Wave riding is about surfing with kite support. Loops, pads and wax are allowed on the kite-surfing board. For the evaluation and to achieve high scores, among other things, fluid riding of the wave and spectacular maneuvers on the lip of the wave is a prerequisite...

Strapless Freestyle

Strapless Freestyle is about artistic flight maneuvers with the kite-surf board without footstraps. This discipline is all about physics! Not in the conventional sense, but the riders seem to defeat gravity during their moves...
The 'Hydrofoil Big Air' world cups are the ultimate competitions for hydrofoil big air riders.

NEW IN 2024: Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil kite-surfing, or foil kiting, uses a hydrofoil board with a wing-like structure that lifts the rider above the water, reducing resistance and enabling smooth, fast movement even in light winds. This discipline offers a unique experience, combining the thrill of flight with efficient gliding, appealing to advanced kite-surfers and those seeking new challenges.


Kite-Surf World Cup | 2023 Sylt

22.08 – 27.08.23 | Free entrance | Westerland, Brandenburger Strand
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