Wave riding is about surfing with kite support. Loops, pads and wax are allowed on the kite-surfing board. For the evaluation and to achieve high scores, among other things, fluid riding of the wave and spectacular maneuvers on the lip of the wave is a prerequisite. In advance, a maximum number of waves is determined in which the individual elements can be shown by the rider. The evaluation of the individual maneuvers will be adapted to the current wind and wave conditions.  The following will be evaluated: 

  • Degree of difficulty of the maneuvers performed.
  • Commitment in the maneuvers performed and the risk taken to perform them.
  • Variety and combination of maneuvers within the same wave.
  • Speed and power.
  • Flow and linking of maneuvers.
  • Size of the waves ridden, directly linked to the degree of difficulty of maneuvers performed in each wave.
  • Innovative and progressive maneuvers.
'Kite-Surf' is a combined wave and strapless freestyle discipline that aims to find the most complete surfboard rider.

Strapless Freestyle

Strapless Freestyle is about artistic flight maneuvers with the kite-surf board without footstraps. This discipline is all about physics! Not in the conventional sense, but the riders seem to defeat gravity during their moves. They show spectacular tricks and maneuvers where the board seems to be weightless.  For example, they take the board in their hands, perform their tricks with it above the water, and then land again standing on the board. The kite provides them with the appropriate lift and propulsion.

  • Height and amplitude.
  • Technical Difficulty.
  • Power.
  • Risk factor.
  • Smoothness.
  • Innovation.
List of 2023


  1. Capucine Delannoy, France
  2. Camille Losserand, Switzerland
  3. Serena Luz, Brasil
  4. Charlotte Carpentier, France
  5. Zoe Bazile, France
  6. Sonja Bunte, Germany
  7. Clémence Derrien, France
  8. Susanne Schwarztrauber, Germany
  9. Sofia Monti, Italy
  10. Simona Schatzmann, Switzerland


  1. Matchu Lopes, Spain
  2. Pedro Matos, Brazil
  3. Airton Cozzolino, Italy
  4. Hendrick Lopes, Switzerland
  5. Reece Myerscough, Canada
  6. Gabriel Benetton, Brasil
  7. Nicola Abadjiev, Bulgaria
  8. Charly Martin, Réunion
  9. Camille Delannoy, France
  10. Kelton Lopes, Cape Verde
  11. Yaris Dell'omo, Italy
  12. Gray Foster, USA
  13. Theo Demanez, France
  14. Alex Middeler, Germany
  15. Elvis Nune, Kiko Roig, Spain
  16. Kiko Roig, Spain
  17. Keanu Merten, Germany
  18. Linus Erdmann, Germany
  19. Daniel Weber, Germany
  20. Tim Sermon, Belgium
  21. Louis Gossart, France
  22. Renoux Swann, France
  23. Lance Krüger, Germany
  24. Bennet Hoop, Germany

Global Kite-Sports Association

The global kite-sports association (gka) aims to represent the interests of the kite-sports industry to support and promote the interests of all (professional) kite riders.

The GKA works with the kite-sport industry to provide reliable information about market developments and to provide riders with a platform to achieve the goals of the GKA. The GKA’s main objective, however, is to continually ensure that kite-surfing continues safe practice through the development and implementation of equipment standards.

World Sailing

WorldSailing is the world governing body for the sport of sailing, officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

World Sailing is responsible for:

  • the promotion of the sport internationally;
  • managing sailing at the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
  • developing the Racing Rules of Sailing and regulations for all sailing competitions;
  • the training of judges, umpires and other administrators;
  • the development of the sport around the world;
  • and representing the sailors in all matters concerning the sport.